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Campaign for change
We work to address the most pressing commercial issues of concern – tips, Living Wage, commercial rents and rates, VAT, licensing and food policy. Our work lies in promoting the benefits of the sector and generating positive PR about it – jobs, growth, and investment. Our campaigning activity in the last 18 months has saved the trade over £184m.  

Insurance policy
We provide members with a comprehensive political and regulatory digest setting out all the current issues facing the trade; horizon scanning to feed into corporate risk management and Board reports so you can forward plan for the business. In addition, we give you an insurance policy so that should things go wrong, we have a legal fighting fund to tackle problems as they arise.  A saving of £12k pa

General counsel
We provide a free legal helpline for you and your team and for larger companies can act as an extension of their General Counsel, providing a second opinion on operational and regulatory challenges which arise. We are also registered as a Primary Authority, allowing us to provide quality assured, LGA approved advice and guidance on a range of food matters – worth around £5k pa

 Peer to peer networking
We operate a number of business seminars, conferences and networking events to allow like-minded businesses to share information, best practice and work collectively to address issues of concern. We have specialised forums for Casual Dining, HR Directors, IT Directors, Property, Licensing and Gaming.

 Insights & Intelligence
We produce a series of reports and research papers drawing together the most authoritative information on the sector. This includes a Benchmarking Survey looking at key site KPIs around operating costs and an Employment Survey as well as a Thought Leadership research report identifying emerging market trends in a range of product sectors and consumers experience. These publications are free of charge to participating members and many are membership exclusive insights. A cost saving of £5k

Our strength and effectiveness in delivering change lies in the breadth and depth of membership.

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