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  • Dusk til’ Dawn 27 October 2015

    Celebrating the many outstanding operators and all that is good in this responsible, vibrant and innovative industry.

  • Golf Day 11 June 2015

    An exclusive number of operators and suppliers get out on the rolling fairways of Stoke Park for a day of golf and networking.

  • Chicago Study Tour 14 May 2015

    Providing insights from industry experts in fast-casual, social media, new and emerging brands, menu development, staff management.

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"Becoming a member at ALMR has been a great decision, As these folks came out by twos and threes upon the open, they found little knots of people talking excitedly and peering at the spinning mirror over peering at the spinning." - Mark Chapman / CEO
"The ALMR is the must join association for every multi-site restaurant , bar or pub operator " - Phil Thorley / Operations
"It is a one stop shop for information and guidance" - Phil Thorley / Operations
"I ve never been to an ALMR event without coming back to my business with at least one idea to improve my bottom line ! " - Phil Thorley / Operations
"Their events are truly First Class and are inked in my diary . They inform , entertain and create the perfect environment to network with fellow operators and suppliers alike" - Phil Thorley / Operations
"Although Fabric has always been a proudly independent nightclub by joining the ALMR we are giving ourselves the best possible insight and support to respond to the rapidly changing landscape of the nightlife economy and the significant challenges we face as a consequence." - Cameron Leslie / Founder
"We’re thrilled to be joining the ALMR; sitting alongside some of the best in the business. Campaigning for the positive interests of the industry is important to Grand Union as the external environment has a great impact on the running of our growing business. We will rely on the timely and accurate information regarding the ever changing rules and regulations of the industry." - Adam Marshall / MD
"We are delighted to be joining the ALMR, a prominent and skilled organisation whose campaigning and tireless work on behalf of the its many members is renowned throughout the industry. Lucky Voice thrives on the principle of offering and exceptional and unrivalled customer experience, and the invaluable service provided by the ALMR is vital for the smooth running of our unique business." - Nick Thistleton / MD
"Living Ventures has grown by investing in people and property and The ALMR is committed to protecting operators like ourselves from interventions that diminish our ability to grow, re energise communities and create jobs. We look forward to working with The ALMR and other members to articulate the huge value we add to government." - Tim Bacon / MD
"We’re confident that The ALMR is in the perfect position to protect us from restrictive legislation which limits our ability to invest, to grow and to create jobs." - Steve Cox / MD
"Each Faucet Inn venue is unique, but our attitude, to provide quality service remains constant throughout our entire estate.“We’re confident that The ALMR is in the perfect position to protect us from restrictive legislation which limits our ability to invest, to grow and to create jobs." - Steve Cox / MD
"Legislation is one of the biggest threats to the industry and the ALMR is at the forefront of making sure those who set it, hear the voices of those that it affects. We look forward to working together to help protect our great industry." - Steven Keeney / Investment Director
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